Dog Or Puppy Bill Of Sale Contract/Health Guarantee


Breed: _____________________________________    Whelp date___________________
Gender: _____________     Color: ________________     Pick-up Date__________________
Purchase Price $____________
Purchase date: ________________________________  Micro-chip #__________________
Sire: _____________________________     Dam: ________________________________
Reg. #: ________________________      Limited or Full   AKC Registration

Please refrain from taking your puppy to public places, especially pet stores, until he/she has had all his/her vaccinations recommended by your veterinarian. I know you are excited and want to take him or her shopping with you and let everyone see him/her, but honestly, it is the worst thing you can do. By waiting to take them anywhere public you are helping to insure full immunity against various diseases. The above described French Bulldog is guaranteed to be of good health at the time of sale.

Buyer agrees to have the dog examined by a veterinarian of their choice within (3) business days of purchase to verify said good health, failure to do so will void this warranty. No guarantee is given to the future temperament, size, or color, of this puppy/dog.Puppy/dog is being sold for companion pet purposes and should not be used for breeding unless full rights were given for an additional fee.

Buyer agrees to have the above described dog spayed/neutered after 6 months but no later than 13 months from the listed whelp date. Failure to do so will void this contract entirely and breeder can take back ownership of above dog. If the dog EVER produces a litter of puppies, whether accidental or intentional the contract is also void and above dog will be returned to Breeder.

At no time does this health contract include Giardia, Coccidia, and Kennel Cough, which is common in puppies that are shipped and usually caused by bacteria, retained testicles, or complications/death as a result of anesthesia for spay or neutering or other surgeries or vaccinations. The guarantee also does not cover allergies, stenotic nares, hip dysplasia, elongated soft pallet, entropion, ectropion, dermatitis, cherry eye, which are common issues of the French Bulldog breed. Breeder will also not replace a puppy due to hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is preventable, but symptoms of it need to be addressed immediately. Some of the symptoms are

  1.  Loss of appetite
  2. Lethargy
  3. Slow Response Time
  4. Unusual behavior
  5. Increased Urination
  6. Increased Thirst
  7. Lack of Coordination
  8. Partial paralysis of hindquarters.

Ways to prevent Hypoglycemia is adding two tablespoons of Karo Syrup to the water for all day sipping, schedule several smaller feedings throughout the day, and add dry food to toys for intermittent snacking.

Buyer agrees to notify Breeder immediately of any diagnosed health issues or death of the dog. The extended guarantee covers the following defects and is valid for one (1) year from the listed whelp date.

  • Any defect of the heart that is life threatening, creates a murmur of grade 3 or more, or requires life-long medication.
  • Any inoperable inherited defect that diminishes the dog’s quality of life to the point that the best recourse is euthanasia. In the event that the dog is conclusively diagnosed with any of the listed conditions by a licensed veterinarian Buyer must supply copies of the associated reports to Breeder.

Breeder reserves the right to obtain a second opinion at Breeder’s expense. After said reports have been verified by Breeder, the Buyer has one of two options:

  1. Buyer can keep the dog; at which time Breeder will reimburse Buyer the full purchase price of the dog. Any additional expenses, beyond the original purchase price, incurred during the lifetime of the dog, would be the responsibility of the Buyer. In the event of the later death of the dog for any reason, no other reimbursement or replacement will take place.
  2. The Buyer can return the dog to the Breeder for a replacement (no refunds) that Buyer and Breeder agree on. Replacement will be made from any currently available dog/puppy or the next available litter. Veterinary expenses, shipping, travel, etc. will not be reimbursed on both the puppy returned and the replacement puppy. All AKC registration, veterinary records, etc. must accompany the returning dog.

Should an inherited defect cause the unexpected death of this dog within one (1) year of the listed Whelp date, Breeder agrees to provide a replacement that Buyer & Breeder agree on. A necropsy report with conclusive findings must accompany any request for a replacement. Replacement will be made from any currently available dog/puppy or the next available litter. All expenses incurred for the necropsy will be paid by the Buyer.

Buyer agrees that if at any time they cannot keep the dog the Breeder will be contacted immediately and must be a part of the re-homing process. Under NO circumstances may this dog be re-homed to any individual or organization not approved by Breeder. In the event of no suitable re-homing option being available, the Buyer shall transfer ownership to the Breeder and return the dog along with all AKC registration papers and veterinary records to the Breeder who will care for it until a suitable home is found. Partial refund will be provided once pup/dog is placed in a new home and all expenses that accrued while in breeders care are deducted first.

For health guarantee to remain in effect, this dog must receive annual veterinary checkups and treatment/preventative care as prescribed by a vet. Buyer agrees to provide housing indoors, to keep the dog clean and to provide the dog with a proper diet. When outside, the dog should be confined in a securely fenced yard or walked on a leash.

This guarantee and contract of ownership is void upon any evidence of abuse, neglect, obesity, malnutrition and/or poor hygiene constitute abuse/neglect. At this point the Breeder has the right to have the dog signed back over and returned, since the contract is now void.

*Buyer agrees that he/she understands this contract completely, and that this contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Wisconsin, in the county of Sheboygan. It is agreed that the place of venue shall be in Sheboygan County, Wisconsin.

*Holding Fees are non-refundable unless something happens to the puppy while under Breeders care, no other exceptions are allowed. This puppy was considered sold and being kept from others that may have wanted to buy him/her. So please make sure you are 100% positive you want this puppy before you send the holding fee. If at any time after holding fee is paid you change your mind about wanting the puppy, or if there is a delay on final payment or failure to pick up puppy on set date, you forfeit your holding fee.

Remaining balance on puppy is due in CASH on day of the pick-up, no exceptions! If buyer is not able to pick the puppy up the day he/she is ready to leave, balance on puppy is still due the day the puppy was ready to leave, either by sending a check (if there is enough time for it to clear) or doing a Walmart MoneyGram. After 9 weeks of age extended care may be provided for puppy with breeders approval at a cost of $20 a day. Which at that point would be a separate contract that would be signed with details of future pick up date and payment arrangements for balance of puppy and extension care fees.

By signing below, Buyer states that they have read and understand the above Contract of Sale and willingly agree.


Buyer (printed name): ________________________________________________

Buyer (Signature):___________________________________________________Date______________________







Breeder/Seller (printed name):___________________________________________

Breeder/Seller (Signature):______________________________________________Date______________________