Most French Bulldogs can not swim.

Frenchies should always be supervised around any amount of water.

Frenchies snuggle

However, if you plan to share your bed with them, you better like listening to snoring.

Frenchies shed

Trust us.  They do shed.

Frenchies are loyal.

You will never find a breed as devoted to their owner as a French Bulldog, you literally are their everything.

They do tend to break wind.

A little goes a long way.   A little Frenchie can clear a room, LOL.

They are a clown in a dog's body.

Get ready to laugh daily.

They are not the neatest drinkers.

They can leave a dribble trail, so get ready to have wet socks now and then.

The book for training a Frenchie is quite thick.

You definitely need to have patience with this breed as they tend to take longer to train. Using discipline instead of positive reinforcement can set them back even more.

You will never have alone time in the bathroom again.
They do not tolerate heat well.

Heatstroke can hit them within minutes and be fatal, so they definitely need to have AC in the Summer.

They love to chew!

In fact there isn't anything that they won't chew, so make sure to supply plenty of chew toys.

One is never enough!

They are known to be the potato chip dog.