Looking for a Frenchie pup to call your own?


Now accepting $500 deposits on future litters. This also secures your picking order of pups. You are never forced to pick from a certain litter and never lose your place in line. Even if you don't plan on buying a pup for awhile and least you will be ahead of the line when you do.   We have several breeding's planned for 2022!!!!

Our pet home puppy prices are as follows: $3500 black brindles, fawns, and sables, $4000 blue brindles, $4500 blue fawns, chocolate brindles, and red fawns $5500 lilacs, and $6000 solid blacks, $6500 for solid blue and chocolates, $7000 solid lilacs. Merles will start at $6000.                                                                                     

Our picking order list as of right now is.....

1st - Always Me

2nd- Elizabeth E.

3rd - Aaron B.

4th - Carissa N.

5th - J.M.

6th - Tess L.

7th - Connor H.

8th - Ivy K.

9th - Sarah D.

10th - Liz S.